Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Air Conditioning Works

I didn't mention that in an attempt to save money, we've booked a room that has one queen bed. I was hoping I could charm our way into two doubles, but we end up with a King. And guess who's the monkey in the middle?


Apparently, overnight, the air conditioner decides to work overtime. I wake up a few times go cold I think I'm numb. Grandma is perched precariously on my right, and mom snoozes to my left with a pillow from home. Finally, I can't take it anymore. My options are cuddling to the right and possibly knocking the old lady to the floor, or snuggling to mommy dearest. I choose left. She doesn't protest, and I'm a bit warmer.

But not warm enough. I jump up to go to the bathroom and turn the arctic demon down before I jump back in bed. When I come back, I tell Grandma I'm frozen -- and that literally breaks the ice (sorry ... couldn't resist). Suddenly, it's cozy. We're huddled together in a mass in the middle of the bed, as Mom tells us about having a dream of being up North with no coat or shoes. We're laughing so hard we can't go back to sleep.

Welcome to day two.

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