Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breakfast and a Blog

Would you believe in this tiny Days Inn in Junction, Texas, we finally have a fan in the bathroom? Thankfully, it's a clean room and it's a relief not to find bugs in the bed, especially here. Need I remind you -- everything is bigger in Texas. I am still a little weirded out from Day One and have a hard time sleeping without thinking about bugs crawling around at my feet.

We wake up Flat Stanley and head to breakfast. Karisa ... we fought over the muffins. Mom and I like the pumpkin spice best, but Gram likes the bran. We do discover something in Texas that is NOT representative of the big Texas Spirit -- the apples and muffins at the hotel. They are teeny tiny. We feed them to Stanley.

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  1. Amy - Have been meaning to tell you that you should not get too excited when your mother says things like "OK, I'll buy that". Your mother will buy anything at any time or any place for any amount of money. For her "buying" isn't an event - it's a way of life.