Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Difference Between Bison and Buffalo

What we saw yesterday was a BISON ... not a buffalo. Here's the difference on a five-point scale:

  1. Have beards.  I'm not much for facial hair -- but it looks good on Bison.
  2. Sharp, small horns -- all the better to gore you with, my dear.
  3. There are 300,000 or less in existence.
  4. Large hump.  My humps, my humps ... my lovely Bison lumps. Check it out. (half of you have no idea what I'm going on about ...  CLICK HERE)
  5. Thick fur ... everywhere ...
BUFFALO (of the water persuasion)
  1. Beardless.  
  2. Horns ... not sharp, but long.  Bison have horn envy.
  3. About 150 million remain.  Strength in numbers.
  4. No hump.  No bump.  No lump.
  5. Thin hair. Less sweat.
But here's the deal ... after our run in last night, I ate a delicious delicious bison ribeye.  It was kind of retribution for that bastard scaring the daylights out of Mom.

Not really.  I just like steak.

1 comment:

  1. SITTING HERE IN ENGLAND (Thornton, Lancashire)
    I have been following your travels.

    I set up these Google alerts in July for Elvis week at Graceland.. And all your Posts have landed in my Inbox, including your trip via Graceland.

    For some reason, I'm still following you journey- even though you are now miles from Memphis.

    In the 70s, 80s and 90s I did many trips to the States, when Motels were around $15. and Gas less than $1. - Its interesting to read how Inflation is going along with your trip..

    My first 5 trips - were to see Elvis in Vegas and on Tours (64 in total) I was lucky on the 4th Sept 1972 to be taken back stage for an 8 minutes meeting.

    I guess this family trek of yours will be over shortly....

    just to say it brings A SMILE and the odd Chuckle to me on this side of the pond....
    Thankyou so much for that...

    SincerELy.... REX (Martin)