Friday, September 4, 2009

Mom ... The Last Alien Standing

My idea of sleeping in does NOT include waking up at 8:00 am. Mom and Gram start rustling around as they get ready. Next, my little brother calls for a 30 minute tutorial on how to use the coffee maker at the girl’s house. He’s watching their two ‘portly’ Yorkies while we’re away. Apparently the machine takes a PhD to operate. I bury my head deeper under the pillows. Then housekeeping comes by to clean the room.

I get the message … I’m getting up!

The Alien Museum in Roswell is totally tacky. Mom loves it, of course. Especially the bits about the cover-up. I ask her if she believes in aliens. She says she doesn’t disbelieve. For me, I guess I just hold out hope there is intelligent life out there SOMEWHERE in the universe.

Though it may not be in Roswell. The folks we've met here are not the most friendly or approachable we've met on this trip. Maybe it's related to the cover-up. Or the po-pos that are absolutely everywhere. That’s ghetto slang for cop, in case you didn’t know. And although aliens might not exist, rednecks certainly do. The one driving in front of us with the monster truck tires keeps revving his engine every time Grandma tries to talk. Mom and I think it’s hysterical that she can’t get a word in edgewise. It’s a Grandma silencer.

Which is EXACTLY what we need. She drives from the backseat most of the day … the matriarch on her throne. I threaten to get her a Fisher-Price steering wheel, complete with horn and gear shift. She says what she really wants is a brake pedal.

I have a confession. Against my better judgment, the GPS and I kissed and made up. I was pretty irritated when she told Mom yesterday that Carlsbad Caverns was in the middle of an empty field. Then she told me to take a u-turn for almost an hour, but kept pointing straight ahead, which I knew was the path to Roswell. I chalked these up to innocent mistakes.

Yeah, right -- this bitch has it out for me.

I program in White Sands National Monument and press GO. I don’t give it another thought as I drive ... and drive ... and drive for the next hour and a half. In the WRONG direction. We're not far from the Texas state line before we realize what's happened. Not many road signs here in the Land of Enchantment.

I just want to DIE. We turn the car around and I ask Grandma to break out the emergency chocolate, but she can't reach it. I want to launch the GPS out the window, so I ask Mom how much she paid for it. I need to determine how cost effective my actions will be. Writing a $200 check ... versus ultimate gratification at watching the damn thing demolished under my tires. Hmmmm.

I unplug the GPS and put it in the console. Then I play some Yo-Yo Ma so my head doesn't explode. I reach for my phone. Then I'm looking for my frantically for my phone with assistance from the peanut gallery. My Mom calls it ... nothing. My heart sinks. We pull over and Mom calls it again. There's a muffled ring, but we can't seem to place it. I get out and she calls again.

Crystal clear ring. I was sitting on it. Mom says it was on butt mute.

We arrive at White Sands National Monument right at sundown. The gypsum sand here is so gleaming white that it looks like snow. It's absolutely breathtaking. Watching the sun set over the dunes with the blue mountains behind it is just unbelievable. Mom wants to put some of the sand in her pocket. I tell her it's against the law -- and sand doesn't belong in your pocket, anyway. We're laughing so hard she says there will be pee in her pocket in a minute, so what's the difference?

And on the road again ... Just can't wait to get on the road again. Our next destination is Silver City, New Mexico. We stop at a Pizza Hut in Las Cruces just as they're closing their dining room. They are darling to let us order to go and eat there while they finish cleaning up. It's nice to have the place to ourselves.

Just outside of Deming, border patrol is stopping all vehicles for inspection. They even have a dog out sniffing cars. Grandma says they'll probably make us throw out the apples. Mom says their looking for illegal ALIENS, not illegal FRUIT.

I can't top that.


  1. Hi Ami
    This is Ray, your moms friend, could you have her call me or send me her cell # so i can contact you guys and see when your going to be here.
    My # 208 944 4019
    Thanks Ray
    You gal are having to much fun :-))

  2. Alien Karen? I knew she was from some other planet. Grandma's gone wild? What Kind of site is this. It seems that Ami is the most sane, normal amd mature person on the trip. Just remember as you pack and unpack and carry your luggage each day, "I could have gone on a cruise and done this once." Enjoy you Trip of a life time.


  3. Are you getting tired of road food yet? How about now? Now?

  4. Posted by Kathy Church:

    I have to get a couple of those Karen alien dolls for the boys......

  5. Posted by Kathy Church:

    Incredible that the pictures of the Whites Sands looks like snow (only warmer).