Monday, September 14, 2009

We Want To Hear From YOU!

Friend, or foe ... new acquaintance or old ... we want to hear from you.  Please comment on the blog or send us an email at We've enjoyed meeting folks all over the United States on our travels, from our Texas gals (Joanna, Kay and Taste No Evil Muffins' Karisa), to our Montana cowboy Jim -- and one special friend we haven't even met yet, but hope to someday -- Rex from England.  Rex, we'll give you a special shout out when we reach Graceland!

Enjoying the blog? 

If so, and even if not, please feel free to share the site with others.  I'm writing a book about this experience and word-of-mouth is the best advertising.  Hey, grassroots organizing got President Obama elected! Can you blame me?

We'll have a way for you to join our mailing list posted on the website soon.

Thanks for sharing our journey!

Amy & the Girls


  1. Yeehaw! You hot babes ROCK!

  2. I think you girls should email and or call the Ellen Degeneres show. I think she would get a huge kick out of what you ladies are doing and she's all about moms in general and you've got two it tow! Maybe she could call you ladies while on the road...

  3. Posted by Kathy Church:

    Oprah might be interested too - and she's kind of on the way home......