Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dear Tom ...

Ok, Mr. Colicchio.

I had high expectations. This was the one thing Dana REALLY wanted to do when she came to Vegas, and I wanted your steak to knock her socks off. Or rock her socks off.

Whatever -- I digress.

We both watch Top Chef, although I'll admit she's a die-hard fan who never misses a show, and I'm just happy when I catch reruns. We ordered the Chef's Fall Tasting Menu. The portions were generous; the quail and scallops delicious.

But this is CraftSTEAK, and I'm not sure this beef passed muster.

I'd considered ordering the full beef tasting, but at $255 per person -- I would kind of expect you might dance naked on the table while we're eating. Or at the very least, cut and feed me each morsel.

Anyway ... don't be too hard on the next round of contestants or I'll be forced to tell. I heard from our waiter that you pay well and are an all-around nice guys, so redeeming.

I'll try again ... but maybe in NYC.



  1. I'm a huge Top Chef fan myself and have always wondered if the judges could actually cut the mustard when push came to shove. Can't say I'm that surprised.

  2. hi, thats me the guy third from the left, my name is james kirkwood and thats my wee boy jenson. my wee boy thought it was a huge snake attacking me so he tried to save me and kill it. Glad you had a to! Can't wait to go back to Vegas. Congratulation to Gillian & Ross!